Ubiq (UBQ)
$0.0970 +0.0049 (+5.10%)
0.00000960 BTC +0.00000048 (+5.04%)

Ubiq Price Charts (UBQ to USD)

* Non-trusted exchange volume data removed 3/23

What is Ubiq?

Ubiq intends to provide a decentralized platform that allows the creation and implementation of smart contracts and decentralized applications. Built on a forked version of Ethereum, the Ubiq blockchain acts as a distributed ledger and supercomputer, allowing developers to create decentralized and automated solutions. UBQ, the native token, acts as

Ubiq prices on trusted exchanges

# Exchange Price Vol 24h %Vol Market Updated
1 bittrex $0.0970 UBQ/BTC BTC/USDT
50.00% UBQ / BTC Recently
2 upbit $0.0970 UBQ/BTC BTC/USDT
50.00% UBQ / BTC Recently
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# Exchange Price Vol 24h %Vol Market Updated
0.80% UBQ / BTC 3 months ago

Ubiq Prices on CoinMarketCap, CoinLib, etc

# Source Price Vol 24h Mrkt Cap Supply Updated
1 coingecko $0.2920 (-6.61%) $33,168
42,609,099 3 months ago