Data integrity within crypto is hard to come across. Adding data integrity is one of the primary goals for our team at OpenMarketCap.

We believe that analysis of on-chain data goes hand in hand with integrity in pricing data, which is what OpenMarketCap aims to solve.

In order to get there, we need strong data analysis tools to access and analyze on chain data. To that end, we’ve compiled a list of analytics tools.

Explore Blockchains

The entry point for accessing blockchain data is a block explorer. They are typically connected to a node that has the history of the specific blockchain.

Blockchair - Supports 8 blockchains(Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, DASH and more), Blockchair allows you to lookup transactions and blocks. They also have database dumps which allow you to access bulk blockchain data, which is great for data analysis. - An advanced blockchain explorer. Alethio allows you to understand what goes on under the hood within the ethereum blockchain. Other services offered include ‘reports’ that outputs various network and contract related data through csv files.

Some examples include:

EthQL - Built by a ConsenSys spoke, EthQL is a GraphQL interface to the ethereum blockchain.

Bloxy - Bloxy is an advanced ethereum explorer that lets you lookup aggregated stats. Some examples include:


Decentralized finance, or DeFi has grown into a new niche that has collectively locked up half a billion dollars worth of money. The fundamental value that DeFi provides is an alternative finance system.

Defiscan - Defiscan is a an explorer for financial apps in crypto. Upon entering an ethereum address, DeFi stats across Compound Finance, Uniswap and SpankChain show up.

The Graph - The graph is a new protocol that aims to solve the data querying issue within ethereum. The data is available for consumption through a GraphQL interface.

Defipulse - Displays total value locked, along with historical numbers on DeFi applications.

TokenAnalyst - Covers various stats such as number of active addresses per day, daily on chain volume, etc. Apart from this, they offer an API.

Loanscan - Loanscan provides a high level overview of the lending and borrowing space within DeFi. It tracks interest rates and borrowing rates, along with other stats across lending protocols such as Dharma, Compound and MakerDAO.

Price Trackers

CoinMarketCap - Covers a large list of cryptoasset prices, along with other information such as website, social handles and block explorers.

Messari - Curated news, pricing data, along with a Y2050 marketcap

Blockchain Data Warehouse

Ethereum ETL - A collection of scripts that allow you to easily access and export data from the ethereum blockchain.

Ethereum BigQuery Database - Building off Ethereum ETL, Google now allows you to query the ethereum blockchain using SQL. This can be done through an online interface or through the BigQuery API.

Coinmetrics - Offers in depth blockchain data through an API, data downloads. They cover over 29 different cryptocurrencies along with many popular ERC20 tokens. Additionally, Coinmetrics also has charts that show correlations with cryptoassets. Their data scraping scripts are open source and available here

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